Whoa Goddess Ass Getting THICK🍑

Off to the gym with My new leggings from freakboy!! he has really outdone himself buying so many gifts for Me.  oink oink bitch.  As I was trying them on, I realized WOW My ass is getting kinda fat.  Guess it’s time to increase My cardio and leave the sweets alone.  My ass is still PERFECT its just more to worship and adore.  Well off to the gym now boys so I can work off 10lbs before the new year.  TTYL👋🏾

Starting Off Christmas Right🎁

My sweet lil freakboy kicked off Christmas 2018 with an Uber gift card…MY FAVORITE!!


pig 🐷 sent Me TWO Cheesecake factory gift cards during Black Friday so I could get FREE CHEESECAKE slices !!!   oink oink



and of course I got My bi-monthly allowance too!!

Another loser in Spain🇪🇸

This sorry sack of shit loves to stroke his dicklet while drooling at Me on cam.  Look at him sitting at his desk at work yanking on his lil piece of meat while I verbally abuse and humiliate him.  Loser in Spain is what I call him.  he has been contacting Me for many years begging for attention.  It’s been awhile since I heard from him but I was happy to oblige his request.  I LOVE to laugh in his face and remind him of his lack.  Thanks for the cash loser…the easiest money I ever made 🙂

Champagne Brunch Was Amazing 🍷🍝🍇

Fall has finally settled in nicely and the weather is perfect for patio dining.  One of My local white boys BEGGED to take Goddess out to eat.  We went to this awesome restaurant here in the city where the food is DELICIOUS!!

Healthy, light, and full of flavor.  I LOVE to dine out…who wants to take Me out next?  NO pussies or scary cats!!  Real slaves ONLY.   you get to pick Me up, gaze at My beauty during the meal and of course PAY FOR IT!  If you’re a good boy, I might let you kiss My feet too!  That’s a great deal for a loser like you😊

white boys ALWAYS PAY for brunch💸 Who will be next??

Yassss Queen👑

OMGeeee these new furry heels are so HOT🔥  I had some leftover amazon gift card dollars so I bought these ON SALE!!!  I am SO HAPPY they are so freakin sexy.   Sissyfag My fur slave has really enlightened Me on the sexiness of fur.  I am in LOVE with all kinds of fur now❤️  I added the other color to My wishlist because they look soooo good!  Buy them bitch!!



Now that I get My biweekly allowance from Sissyfag, I will be doing ALOT more shopping for good steals,  More heels,  More jewelry more more more!!! oink oink🐷  Knowing My allowance arrives in My email every other Monday is so exciting!  The rest of you losers are BEHIND…hurry up and sign up and make your Goddess happy too.  So much fun buying goodies with Sissyfags’ cash…


a NEW purse… found on sale for $70! checkout that retail price DAMN


Beauty products…


loooooser in Norway bought My favorite scent Calyx…its citrus and fresh 🍋thanks bitch!

Kick Rocks looooser 👞

Dear Goddess,
thank You for being so kind to let me free from the contract. You are the greatest Goddess, the smartest and by far the most beautifull. i have been lucky to get to hand over my money to You, to serve You should be the goal of every white male. sadly for me i am to much of a nervous spineless loser to finish the contract to the end, i apologize on my knees for being such a pussy. i am not worthy to be in your presence, it would however be the greatest moment in every losers life to one day achieve such an honor. i have paid myself free from obligations to You before, but as You know i cant resist coming back. i have never encountered such a dominant and superior woman before, and never will again. i apologize again for being such a disappointment, and thank You for this most kind act.



YEA YEA I let him go cuz he was working MY nerves!!! Nothing worse than a whining weak white bitch hitting Me up everyday begging for forgiveness pleading his case of stupidity and ignorance.  He knew damn well he could not afford to keep up all those payments + interest.  looooser is lucky I am in a good mood and took his last $600.  Now the rest of you bitches better NOT mention blackmail to Me. Next time I won’t be so kind.