lil dick in Spain LOVES Me so MUCH

Usted es maravillosa, tan bella, esos ojos magnéticos que te atrapan y te hacen suyo
cuerpo es divino, las curvas perfectas en sus lugares correctos, una Diosa viviente

Y su mente, tan superior la mía, siempre está tres pasos delante de mía al menos, no hay nada que yo pueda hacer que Usted no haya previsto ya

Cuando la miro en toda su magnificiencia y después miro a mi pequeña polla me siento ridículo, no puedo compararme en modo alguno

Usted es mi Diosa, mi Reina

Poco dick perdedor

After he wrote that we went shopping on My Amazon Wishlist for a bunch of lil stuff I need.  lil dicks buy lil gifts lmaooo!

Wimp is My Weak White Boy for Life

Dear Goddess,

i can’t thank You enough for owning me and using me over the years. i got in to so much debt for You and loved it.

You were so generous to me allow me to go to pay off my debts. however, as the weeks passed i started thinking about You more and more every day which was especially frustrating as You had banned me from going on Your site while itwas paying off my debts. the urge to talk to You became so strong that i just had to contact You. when i did i have never had a sensation like it – my heart was beating so fast and i could feel the blood pounding in my brain. When i told You i was feeling like this You manipulated me in to buying You even more gifts and sending You cash, which was such a mind-blowing experience.

Even though i still have a lot of debt to pay off i still felt compelled to pay You and buy You gifts.

thank You so much once again Goddess

Your wimp