Oink Oink lil piggy🐷




bitch Malcolm in the UK is not the cutest white boy but he will do!  he let his addiction get the best of him and paid Me lots this month.  Luckily I dont care about his looks or his dicklet…I just want his money and his pathetic lil weak SOUL hahaha.  anyway oink oink pig 🐷 thanks for all the cash so far


New Slave Alert $$$

There is nothing MORE satisfying than gaining a NEW BITCH during the holidays😄 My  new white boy slave is in the UK and contacted Me on chat eager to serve.  he begged to be put in debt by Me and be My slave a long time.  Blah blah heard that before….what can you do for Me bitch?? well My new lil pet couldn’t wait to whip out that wallet and start spending on Goddess.  Once I decided on terms My slave could afford, he became MINE!  NO turning back now white boy.  ur welcum bitch.

Dear Goddess

Thank you for agreeing to own me. Since we first spoke a few nights ago I have been amazed at your beauty and power. So feel truly lucky and privileged to belong to you.
Thank you for agreeing the debt contract and for giving me time to repay you for expert guidance and ownership.
I will pay you £150 a week until debt is cleared. Goddess has kindly agreed not charge me interest but will at her discretion fine me for late payments or disobedience or anything else she feels is necessary. The amount of these fines is at The discretion of Goddess. It is understood that these fines may significantly increase the amount owed to Goddess.  The weekly repayment will be made every Friday before Goddess wakes up and will continue until Goddess agrees the debt is clear.

Thank you again for agreeing to this and allowing me to serve you. It is my honour to be owned by you.

whiteboy got My attention sending Me all these uber gift cards! Now I can party and bar hop and not worry about driving at all.  thanks bitch😘

Whoa Goddess Ass Getting THICK🍑

Off to the gym in My new leggings from freakboy!! he has really outdone himself buying so many gifts for Me.  oink oink bitch.  As I was trying them on, I realized WOW My ass is getting kinda fat.  All this good eating in ATL smothered chicken collard greens and mac n cheese going is making Me thicka than a snicker.  While I do love snickers, maybe  it’s time to increase My cardio and leave the sweets alone.  My ass is still PERFECT its just more to worship and adore.  Well off to the gym now boys so I can work off 10lbs before the new year.  TTYL👋🏾

Starting Off Christmas Right🎁

My sweet lil freakboy kicked off Christmas 2018 with an Uber gift card…MY FAVORITE!!


pig 🐷 sent Me TWO Cheesecake factory gift cards during Black Friday so I could get FREE CHEESECAKE slices !!!   oink oink



and of course I got My bi-monthly allowance too!!

Another loser in Spain🇪🇸

This sorry sack of shit loves to stroke his dicklet while drooling at Me on cam.  Look at him sitting at his desk at work yanking on his lil piece of meat while I verbally abuse and humiliate him.  Loser in Spain is what I call him.  he has been contacting Me for many years begging for attention.  It’s been awhile since I heard from him but I was happy to oblige his request.  I LOVE to laugh in his face and remind him of his lack.  Thanks for the cash loser…the easiest money I ever made 🙂

Champagne Brunch Was Amazing 🍷🍝🍇

Fall has finally settled in nicely and the weather is perfect for patio dining.  One of My local white boys BEGGED to take Goddess out to eat.  We went to this awesome restaurant here in the city where the food is DELICIOUS!!

Healthy, light, and full of flavor.  I LOVE to dine out…who wants to take Me out next?  NO pussies or scary cats!!  Real slaves ONLY.   you get to pick Me up, gaze at My beauty during the meal and of course PAY FOR IT!  If you’re a good boy, I might let you kiss My feet too!  That’s a great deal for a loser like you😊

white boys ALWAYS PAY for brunch💸 Who will be next??