I’m Online for Chat TODAY!! ⌨ 💋

I’m home today working on My book!  Yes that’s right…Goddess is writing her own series of books✏️📚  What did you think??? I just sit here being a beautiful bossy Bitch all day!!  I am very talented with many skills.  Breaking down white boys just happens to be My favorite!  Oink oink drop Me some cash today while I work🐷

looooser Wants Out of Blackmail

So looooser is totally STRESSED out after committing to pay Me so much money under threat of blackmail. he realized what a stupid mistake he made and doesn’t know how to get out of it. What a dummy he is and now he owes Me thousands!!! In 3 days, an additional $201 in interest is due so you know I dont give a fuck.😈 The longer he takes the MORE MONEY I MAKE lol. What do you boys think? I will let you decide…

Should I let looooser out of blackmail contact?

fuck him

More Heels from german footbitch👣

WOW These are AMAZING🌟

More new heels from the bitch in Germany…remember the loser that bought the sexy red slides.  Well he is slowly getting more and more addicted and got these high heels for Me.  he says he is ready to make a FULL commitment and send Me shoes and cash weekly.  Woohoo I LOVE it bitch!!


bitch in Norway is My NEW Blackmail Slave😈

looooser…white bitch in Norway is back!

he hit Me up on Chat last nite even though I know he is ALWAYS on MY site. you Dumbass white boys never get enough!!! he is Always begging for blackmail and to go in debt for Me. This time I finally agreed. loooooser will PAY ME $5k over the next 15 months with %5 interest accruing monthly. Yes  YES YES bitch I will take your cash LOL.

if looooser fails in payments, I will be FORCED to humiliate and expose him. I know his lil dick is tingling at the thought of Me calling his flat ass pale girlfriend. Don’t fuck up bitch😈